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The case of art frauds Peter Gant and Mohamed Siddique

An interesting story to read and keep tabs on, particularly if you find cases of art fraud interesting.

Here’s the latest on a case in Australia – Peter Stanley Gant and art conservator Mohamed Aman Siddique who have both been found guilty of obtaining financial advantage by deception through the sale of works attributed to Brett Whiteley.

On a side note, if you enjoy reading about art fraud cases, I highly recommend a book called ‘Provenance: How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art’ by Laney Salisbury. It details the fraudulent work of John Drewe and John Myatt.



Growing up in the Sunraysia region of Victoria, I had an interest in visual art since age 8. After completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts (Graphic Design) in 2010, I went on to work as a photojournalist for the next 2 years. Due to chronic health issues, I now enjoy less strenuous forms of visual art, such as drawing, painting and film. I love experimenting with different mediums. Except oil paint. I'm not willing to give that a second chance...

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