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Creative block & setup change


I haven’t been overly art-active lately. I was experimenting with pouring medium but lost interest and put it aside. I wanted to do something with limited materials again so I didn’t feel so overwhelmed by all the shit falling off my tiny desk in unorganized chaos.

I decided to start on a graphite portrait as that is what I’m familiar with. This one will be of Dita Von Teese.

I changed my filming setup to birds eye, so I am able to have two completely different angles in some parts of my videos. I am blessed with 2 great Canons from my photography days.

Filming really disrupts the flow of an artwork (setting up, lights, focusing, battery & card changes) but I enjoy the documented end result.

Anyway, on the left you can see my typical Autumn/winter studio (read; my brothers unused room) uniform – socks & thongs! HA



Growing up in the Sunraysia region of Victoria, I had an interest in visual art since age 8. After completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts (Graphic Design) in 2010, I went on to work as a photojournalist for the next 2 years. Due to chronic health issues, I now enjoy less strenuous forms of visual art, such as drawing, painting and film. I love experimenting with different mediums. Except oil paint. I'm not willing to give that a second chance...

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